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Why is a scientist important for the world?
Question Date: 2013-09-11
Answer 1:

Scientists are important for the world because they help people understand the way the world works in very specific ways. Human beings have spent a lot of time figuring out how to stay alive and be happy, and science has been a powerful tool for staying alive, though it doesn't always make us happy. Science is one particular way of looking at the universe. It's a system of thought, a way in which we can organize what we know to better understand the way things work.

In a way, scientists are like fortune tellers. The goal of the scientist is to understand how the universe functions in very specific ways, and to use that understanding to make successful predictions. What the scientist explains and predicts has to be testable, which is why science is so replicable and such a large part of our society. Thanks to the work of thousands of scientists, we can predict what will happen if we drop something, or run electricity through it, or mix it with something else. The list can go on and on depending on how that thing has been studied.

Science has proved useful to us because we depend on technology to live our lives. The science of burning helped us create things that move us around like ships, trains, and cars. The science of growing things helped us make more food and create new materials out of plants and animals. However, the science of atoms led to us to create terrible weapons, and the science of people has sometimes been used to control and manipulate them.

Science has also shown us how big we are, and how little we are, and how we depend on very big or very little things to survive. In that way many people find science beautiful.

A scientist is important for the world because she chooses to look at the world in a special way, a way that can be useful and can help us understand ourselves better. There are many approaches to exploring and appreciating the world. I hope you try as many of them as you can and see what fits you best.

Keep questioning,

Answer 2:

Science is important because it is the most reliable way of learning about the universe, both natural and artificial. The knowledge that scientists gather can then be taken by engineers, doctors, and others and put to use. Most of the technology that we use would not exist had scientific discoveries not preceded them, and who knows what technology and medicine the future will bring?

Answer 3:

This is a great question! Scientists try to figure out how the laws of nature work using the scientific method. This is important not only for the sake of knowledge, but also because we can build on this knowledge to create new technologies that improve people's lives, even if we don't realize how useful the knowledge is at first.

One example is quantum mechanics which was discovered in the early 1900s, and proved to be essential in the invention of computers and other electronics much later. Even though scientists have been at it for thousands of years, we are still discovering new and exciting things at a rapid rate, and who knows how these things will be used in future technologies!

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