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Can you tell me why the atmosphere is important?
Question Date: 2014-07-26
Answer 1:

The atmosphere is important for many reasons! One reason is that the earth's atmosphere acts as an insulating layer that protects the earth's surface from the intense light and heat of the sun. The atmosphere protects us from UV and other short wavelength light that would otherwise do a lot of damage to the DNA of living organisms. Without the atmosphere, it would get really hot in the day time, and extremely cold at night!

The atmosphere is also important because it contains oxygen, which we and other living organisms breathe. It also acts as a medium of transport for various chemicals, including, but not limited to, water (in the form of rain, snow, steam, etc), carbon dioxide and oxygen (for cycling of these chemicals between plants and animals), and nitrogen (which helps plants grow). There are also other biogeochemical cycles (cycling of different chemicals) between the land masses, the oceans, and the atmosphere that are important for the various kinds of ecosystems around the world!

These are only a few of the examples of why the atmosphere is important, but I hope this helps you see why it is important to protect our atmosphere!

Answer 2:

The atmosphere is important for many reasons. Before we talk about why it is important we should define what the atmosphere is. The atmosphere is the layer of air that surrounds a planet. Earth has an atmosphere that is just right for humans, animals, and plants to live in. The gases in the atmosphere act like a blanket keeping our planet warm plus the atmosphere contains oxygen something we (humans and animals) all need to breathe.

Many planets in our solar system have a atmosphere. Venus for example has such a thick atmosphere most of the sun's energy gets trapped making the surface of Venus 864 degrees Fahrenheit! That is hotter than an oven! Mars also has an atmosphere but it is too thin making the surface of Mars -80 degrees Fahrenheit! Plus the atmospheres of Venus and Mars do not contain the oxygen we all need to breathe.

Our atmosphere allows just enough of the sun's energy back into space so that we do not get to hot like Venus or too cold like Mars. If Earth had no atmosphere, apart from having no air to breathe, the surface of the Earth would be 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are just two of the reasons why are atmosphere is important. The atmosphere contains the warmth we all need to survive, the oxygen we all breathe, and carries the rain we all need. Without our atmosphere life as we know it would cease to exist.

Answer 3:

The atmosphere is the air that we breathe, and contains all our weather. Life on Earth could not exist without it.

Answer 4:

Thank you for your question! Earth's atmosphere is not empty. It is mostly gas, which we call "air," and it is held in place because of Earth's gravity. Some of the gas is oxygen. Many living things, including humans, need oxygen to breathe. The gases in the atmosphere also protect us from harmful solar rays, but not completely, which is why we often wear sunscreen. The gases trap heat, which the earth naturally produces. Without an atmosphere, the surface of the earth would be very, very cold. The atmosphere also burns up meteors entering from outer space. The moon does not have an atmosphere, and so it is constantly hit with large meteors. These are just some of the reasons that the atmosphere is important.

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