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How ScienceLine Works

UCSB ScienceLine is an innovative "Ask a Scientist" program where students and teachers primarily from our local K-12 schools can submit science and engineering questions. The ScienceLine moderator sends these questions to designated scientists here at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The scientists usually send their responses back within one week. All questions and answers are posted in our archive.

What is a Good Question?

  • One that derives from student discussion or activities
  • One that makes you wonder
  • One that cannot be answered in a standard textbook or encyclopedia

What is an Inappropriate Question?

  • Any homework problems
  • Ideas for science projects: Check out our Science links
  • Any questions concerning a medical diagnosis

Take a Look at Some Sample Questions!

Incorporate ScienceLine into a Class Project

For teachers who want to incorporate ScienceLine into a class project, we ask you to please limit the total number of questions to 10 per week or contact ScienceLine for special arrangements. This way you will not overload our system.

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This program is co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and UCSB School-University Partnerships
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