Our Scientists

ScienceLine is proud to have a large group of scientists who answer the questions on a volunteer basis.

We thank everybody for their terrific answers and suggestions for further student exploration.

USCB Researchers - Would you like to join us and be part of our list of active answerers? Please e-mail the ScienceLine moderator at to find out how you can help.

Here is a list of scientists who have answered our questions in 2004/2005.

Researcher Name UCSB Department / Field of Research
Mikey Ando Physics
Lauren Aubin Chemistry
Paul Banicevic Engineering
Brandon Barnes Physics
Forrest Brewer Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adam Brill Physics
Julie Broughton Geology
Becky Burton Biology
Kok Cheng Physics
Dennis O. Clegg Biology - Molecular, Cell and Neurobiology
Candice Constantine Geology
Nathan Currier Physics
Mark Demarest Marine Science
Joe Doyle Materials
Donald Dunn Chemistry
Jessie Dutton Life science
Oded Farago Physics
Kathy Foltz Biology - Cell and Developmental Biology
Valerie Franck Biology (Marine Biogeochemistry, Oceanography)
Noah Garrison Geology
Jessica Gillett Life Science
Peter Girguis Marine Biology
Mary Griffin Chemistry
Michael Grundmann Electrical Engineering
Claudia Gutierrez-Mazzotti Engineering
Rob Haines Life Science
Linda Hall MRL
Patricia Halpin Life science
Helen Hansma Physics / Biology
Jack Harris Physics
Sarah Henkel Life science
Christy Herren Marine Biology
Tessa Hill Geology
Linda Hirst Materials
Joe Incandela Physics
Mark Kastantin Engineering
Pete Khooshabeh Psychology
Jens-Uwe Kuhn Chemistry
Ed Lau Chemistry
Grace Lee Physics
Edward Letts Engineering
Alan Levy Physics, Observational Cosmology, Astrophysics
Susan Lund Life science
Sergio Martinez Physics
Emily Meyer Engineering
Martina Michenfelder Materials Research Laboratory
Craig Nelson Life science
Brett Nosho Engineering - Chemical
Bridget Owens Chemistry
Morgan Page Physics
Emily Peterman Geology
Dana Pilaski Engineering
Beth Pratt-Sitaula Geology
Orlando Raola Chemistry
Uri Raviv Materials
Tamar Raviv Life science
Michelle Roux Life Science
Ben Ruttenberg Life science
Chris Santangelo Physics
Klaus Schauser Computer Science
Ram Seshadri Engineering
Andy Simpson Geology
Roy Smith Engineering
Nicola Spaldin Materials Engineering
Frank Spera Geological Sciences / Institute for Crustal Studies
Mark Su Physics (Condensed Matter)
Joe Summers Electrical Engineering
Jun Sun Life Science
Bruce Tiffney Geology
Matthew Tirrell Engineering
Carol Thornber Life science
Jatila Van der Veen Physics
James Weaver Invertebrate Biology, Biomineralization, Biochemistry
Jill Wertheim Geology
Gary Williams Psychology
Will White Life science
Alison Whitmer Life science
John Zayac Geology
MacKenzie Zippay Life science

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