Our Scientists

ScienceLine is proud to have a large group of scientists who answer the questions on a volunteer basis.

We thank everybody for their terrific answers and suggestions for further student exploration.

USCB Researchers - Would you like to join us and be part of our list of active answerers? Please e-mail the ScienceLine moderator at to find out how you can help.

Here is a list of scientists who have answered our questions in 2006-2008.

Researcher Name UCSB Department / Field of Research
Badri Ananthanarayanan Engineering
Reginald S. Archer Earth Science
Tamara Avetisyan Physics
Luke Bawazer BioEngineering/Materials
Kristian Beadle Earth Science
Andrew Bonham Life science
Forrest Brewer Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rebecca Burton Biology
Caty Carey Physics
Kevin Chiou Physics
Dennis O. Clegg Biology - Molecular, Cell and Neurobiology
Candice Constantine Geology
Joanna Deek Physics/Chemistry
Mark Demarest Marine Science
Natalie Doerr Life Science
Joe Doyle Materials
Joey Durham Engineering
Jessie Dutton Life Science
Greg Dyer Physics
Abril Estrada Chemistry
Kai Ewert Engineering
Kathy Foltz Biology - Cell and Developmental Biology
Valerie Franck Biology (Marine Biogeochemistry, Oceanography)
Carlos Garcia-Cervera Mathematics
Lindsay Gary Marine Science/Mechanical Engineering
Megan Grabenauer Chemistry
Mary Griffin Chemistry
Claudia Gutierrez-Mazzotti Engineering
Rob Haines Life Science
Linda Hall MRL
Helen Hansma Physics / Biology
Sarah Henkel Life science
Viva Horowitz Physics
Evelyn Hu Engineering/Materials
Jasmine Hunt Chemistry
Ralph Imondi Life science
Pradeep Joshi Life Science
Anthony Karmis Physics
Mark Kastantin Engineering
Elizabeth Keller Physics
Pete Khooshabeh Psychology
Lina Kim Engineering
Frank Kinnaman Earth Science
Ching Kung Physics
Thomas Kuo Electronics and Computer Engineering
Armand Kuris Life Science
Richard O. Lease Earth Science
Alan Levy Physics
Tristan Long Life Science
Craig Maloney Physics
Christal Martin Astronomy
Sergio Martinez Physics
Rachel S. Marullo Chemistry
Will McClintock Marine science
Brent Miller Life science
Herb Miller Life science
Martina Michenfelder Materials Research Laboratory
Sheila K. Morrissey Earth Science
Craig Nelson Life science
James Neilson Life Science
Brett Nosho Engineering
Mark Novak Engineering
Patrick O'Neill Physics/BioPhysics
Bridget Owens Chemistry
Folusho Oyerokun Engineering
Katharine Page Physics/Chemistry
Alexandro Parra Engineering
Emily Peterman Geology
Stacey Peterson Chemistry
Jess Porter Life science
Beth Pratt-Sitaula Geology
Michael Quinn Engineering
Uri Raviv Materials
Tamar Raviv Life science
Karl Rittger Physics
Kenny Rosenberg Physics
Michelle Roux Life Science
Teisha Rowland Life Science
Ben Ruttenberg Life science
Rafael Saavedra Engineering
Christina Sandoval Life science
Evan Scannapieco Physics
Birgit Schwenzer Life Science
Ram Seshadri Engineering
Julia Shimizu Life science
Andy Simpson Geology
David Smith Geology
Nicola Spaldin Materials Engineering
Frank Spera Geological Sciences
Nick Strandwitz Engineering
Jun Sun Life Science
Sam Sweet Life Science
Bruce Tiffney Geology
Raymond Thibault Materials
Jerry Thomas Engineering
Erin Tolhurst Life science
Amanda Trent Physics/Chemistry
Jatila Van der Veen Physics
Ken Wagener Chemisrty
Max Watson Physics
James Weaver Life science
Jill Wertheim Geology
Stephanie Wilkinson Chemistry
Jon Williams Physics/Technology
Asa Wilson Life science
Will White Life science
Alison Whitmer Life science
Mark Wistey Electronics and Computer Engineering
Aleksandra M. Wydzga Life Science
Andre Wyss Geology
Thomas Young Life science
John Zayac Geology

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