Our Scientists

ScienceLine is proud to have a large group of scientists who answer the questions on a volunteer basis.

We thank everybody for their terrific answers and suggestions for further student exploration.

USCB Researchers - Would you like to join us and be part of our list of active answerers? Please e-mail the ScienceLine moderator at to find out how you can help.

Here is a list of scientists who have answered our questions in 2012-2013.

Researcher Name UCSB Department / Field of Research
Jeffrey Bailey Life science
Darcy Bradley Earth and Life Sciences
Julie Broughton Earth Science
Rebecca Burton Biology
Kitty Currier Geology
Joe Doyle Materials
Nancy Eisenmenger Chemistry/Physics/Engineering
Nate Emery Life Science
Selvi C. Ersoy Life Science
Kai Ewert Engineering
Maxwell Fisch Materials
Sebastian Fischetti Physics
Christopher Freeze Materials
Michael Gaultois Physics, Chemistry, Materials
Matthew Gebbie Physics and Materials
Matthew Guidry Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graham A. Hagen-Peter Earth Science
Erin Hanan Life Science
Helen Hansma Physics / Biology
Jonathan Harvey Earth Science, ERI
Robert Holder Earth Science
Alissa Hove Life Science
Hannah Kallewaard Chemistry
Timothy Keller Physics/Chemistry
William Kelly Physics
Erik Alexander Kermani Physics/Chemistry/Materials
Ivy Khong Life Science
Jessica Kubicek-Sutherland Life science
Chistopher Liman Engineering, Materials
Daniel L. Livsey Earth Science
Jack Love Chemistry/Physics
Jasmine M. Magbutay Life Science
Mitchell Maier Materials
Brenden McDearmon Materials
Claudia Mazzotti MRL
Levi Miller Physics
John Moore Earth Science
Greg Nelson Life Science
Sean Paradiso Physics, Materials
Celeste Pilegard Psychiatry
Susannah Porter Earth Science
Teisha Rowland Life Science
Julia Shimizu Life science
Priyanka P. Shindgikar Life Science
Andy Simpson Geology/Life Science
Seeta Sistla Life Science
Frank Spera Geological Sciences
Weikang Sun Engineering, Electronics and Computers
Peter St. John Chemical Engineering
Rebecca Streit Earth Science
Jenna Thomas Life Science (Life Skills Org)
Bruce Tiffney Geology
Amanda Trent Physics/Chemistry
Carol Tsai Chemistry
Jatila Van der Veen Physics
Nick Williams Anthropology
Emily Wilson Life science
Aleksandra Wydzga Civil and Environmental Engineering
Andre Wyss Geology
Nick Zacchia Mechanical Engineering

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