Our Scientists

Our Scientists

ScienceLine is proud to have a large group of scientists who answer the questions on a volunteer basis.

We thank everybody for their terrific answers and suggestions for further student exploration.

USCB Researchers - Would you like to join us and be part of our list of active answerers? Please e-mail the ScienceLine moderator at scienceline@ucsb.edu to find out how you can help.

Here is a list of scientists who have answered our questions in 2018-2019.

Researcher Name UCSB Department / Field of Research
John H. Abel Chemistry/Physics/Engineering
Caroline Ackley Life Science
Jenna Adams Earth Science
Beca Best Life Science
Joshua Bocarsly Physics/Chemistry/Materials
Aaron Bufe Earth Science
Rebecca Burton Biology
Nicole Chan Life Science
Jonathan Cloughesy Life Science
Clayton Dahlman Physics/Chemistry/Materials
George Degen Chemical Engineering
Tony De Tomaso Life Science
Elizabeth Erickson Earth Science
Hayden Evans Physics/Chemistry/Materials
Kai Ewert Engineering
Kathy Foltz Life Science
Jan Ulric Garcia Physics, Chemistry, Engineering
Teresa Gaultois Geology
Sarah Gerenday Earth Science
Luke Gockowski Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Al Greaney Earth Science
Helen Hansma Physics / Biology
Kimberlee Keithley Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Conor Kemp Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Pete Khooshabeh Life Science
Stephanie Ma Life Science
Natalie Manier Life Science
Claudia Mazzotti MRL
James McCarty Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Spencer Mermelstein Life Science
Tuan Nguyen Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Tyler Pardue Physics/Chemistry/Materials
Carlye D. Peterson Earth Science
Kartik Pilar Physics/Chemistry and Materials
Mallory Rice Life Science
Misty Riddle Life Science
Avery Samuel Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Melissa Scruggs Earth Science
Andy Simpson Geology/Life Science
Frank Spera Earth Science and research in Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Astronomy
Billy Strickland Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Ryan Stoner Earth Science
Bruce Tiffney Life Science/Earth Science
Carol Tsai Chemistry
Naveen Venkatesan Physics/Chemistry/Materials
Daniel Vigil Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Andre Wyss Geology
Cenke Xu Physics
Baoqing Zhou Physics/Chemistry/Engineering
Julie Zurbuchen Earth Science

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