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Our Scientists

Our Scientists

ScienceLine is proud to have a large group of scientists who answer the questions on a volunteer basis.

We thank everybody for their terrific answers and suggestions for further student exploration.

USCB Researchers - Would you like to join us and be part of our list of active answerers? Please e-mail the ScienceLine moderator at scienceline@ucsb.edu to find out how you can help.

Here is a list of scientists who have answered our questions in 2020-2021.

Researcher Name UCSB Department / Field of Research
Caroline Ackley Life Science
Paul Alessio Earth Science
Nathan Almirall Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Rebecca Best Life Science
Aaron Bufe Earth Science
Ann Bui Life Science
Rebecca Burton Biology
Parker B. Dabbs Life Science
George Degen Physical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Materials
Tony De Tomaso Life Science
Terra Dressler Life Science
Kai Ewert Engineering, MRL
Kathy Foltz Life Science
Jan Ulric Garcia Physics/Chemistry/ Engineering, Materials
Teresa Gaultois Geology
Sarah Gerenday Earth Science
Sarah Innes Gold Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Luke Gockowski Mechanical Engineering and Materials
Helen Hansma Physics / Biology
Linus Kautzsch Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Kimberlee Keithley Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Josh Kenchel Life Science
Daniil Kitchaev Physical Sciences and Materials
Emily Lau Life Science
Samantha McCuskey Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Natalie Manier Life Science
Claudia Mazzotti MRL
Shawn Mengel Chemical Engineering and Materials
Markus Merk Life Science and Engineering
Spencer Mermelstein Life Science
Sara Messina Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Yishen Miao Life Science
Amy Moser Earth Science
Howie Nguyen Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Gordon Pace Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Brian Penserini Earth Science
Misty Riddle Life Science
Ashley Roach Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Avery Samuel Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Melissa Scruggs Earth Science
Elias Sebti Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Kirsten Sheehy Life Science
Julia Shimizu Webb Life Science
Andy Simpson Geology/Life Science
Shambhavi Singh Life Science
Frank Spera Geological Sciences
Ryan Stoner Earth Science
Jeremy Tanlimco Physical Sciences
Bruce Tiffney Life and Earth Sciences
Jacey Van Wert Life Science
Daniel Vigil Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Rebecca Vincent Materials and Engineering
Stephanie Wang Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Chad Wangsanuwat Physical and Life Sciences
Nora Wolcott Life Science
Kira E. Wyckoff Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Andre Wyss Geology
Cenke Xu Physics
Baoqing Zhou Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials
Julia Zuo Physics/Chemistry/Engineering, Materials

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