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Why is it that carbs are good for you, but if you eat too much carbs it gets stored as extra fat?
Question Date: 2005-10-22
Answer 1:

People don't like fat very much today. Whenever we get a little fat we want to go on a diet and get rid of it. Also, we know that having a lot of fat can be bad for our health. So yes, this would make you wonder why in the world our body makes fat to begin with! The answer is that, while a lot of fat can be bad for you, in general the ability to produce fat is actually good for you.

For people who have plenty of food, starvation is never a problem. However, if you live in a poor environment or your family doesn't have enough money, you may not be able to eat all the time. Let's say that one day you get a really nice meal, and you eat more than your body really needs. It would be a shame to let that extra food energy go to waste! So, your body can store it as fat, and save it for the next time you miss a meal or two.

When you leave in a prosperous environment where food is plenty this may not be a good thing for you. However you have to keep in mind that for most people throughout history food has not been so abundant! We are fortunate to live with all that we have, but it also means we have to be careful about how much we eat.

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