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Harry Kroto


New ScienceLine activities for schools include video conferences between science classes and UCSB researchers as well as video streaming webcasts.

Video Conferencing

During the conference, students and scientists have an interactive question and answer session around a pre-determined topic.

Teachers interested in exploring a video-conferencing activity should phone the ScienceLine coordinator at (805) 893-7928 or e-mail us at scienceline@ucsb.edu. We will help you set up the connections!

Video Streaming

We started our first video streaming project in April 2001 and are planning more! A recording of the presentations will be posted on this web site.

Special Webcast

Nobel Laureate Sir Harry Kroto talks about the discovery of Buckyballs. This is a recording of a live video streaming webcast event on November 26, 2002, from the Corwin Pavilion at UCSB. Viewers included 5th and 6th graders from Isla Vista Elementary School in Santa Barbara, CA, students from El Camino Junior High School in Santa Maria and students from Kermit McKenzie Junior High School in Guadalupe, CA.

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