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Can you tell me the name of the animal which has inch length and pink color; it has antennas, no legs and crawls like a snake? The antennas are half inch long. I would appreciate to have photo and name of it.
Question Date: 2005-12-01
Answer 1:

I think what you mean is a SLUG. Maybe you saw them outside in the garden or the porch recently. Now that the rainy season has arrived they are sure to come out. A slug is nearly the same as a snail -- except that snails carry coiled shells on their backs, while slugs don't.Slugs and snails belong to the mollusk Family and the gastropod class. While the vast majority of gastropods live in water, snails and slugs are the only mollusk class found on land.Click on this web-site to see a picture of a slug:
In the picture the two long appendages on the head are tentacles, used to feel the snail's environment (what you referred to as antenna). Also, there are two stalked eyes projecting forward and downward from below the tentacles.Slugs can by found in many different sizes shapes and colors There are at least 40 species of slugs in the US. Size Range is wide. Common garden slugs are and inch long (this might be the slug you saw). In the Northwest they have banana slugs which are bright yellow, growing from 8 to 18inches! Slugs and snails move by propelling themselves and sending wave after wave of small contractions forward from the back of its foot toward the front.For more slug photos click in the next link:
More photos of slugs

I hope I helped you find your animal!

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