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How does color affect crystal growth?
Question Date: 2006-02-16
Answer 1:

Color does not affect crystal growth. The color of a crystal itself is a property of the crystal material and depends mainly on what wavelengths of light (or more generally the color of light) that the material can absorb. You can't see what colors are absorbed, but what you see is what light is reflected. Also, the colors of crystals often originate from impurities that are in the crystals (the impurities also can affect what colors of light can be absorbed). There are other mechanisms that can affect the color of crystals, but they are a little more complicated.Hope this helps,

Answer 2:

Color does not affect crystal growth. Color is aproperty of the spacing of atoms within the crystallattice and of impurities within that lattice. Thus,the nature of the crystal (and its growth) influencescolor, not the other way around.

Answer 3:

Color is actually a bi-product of growth that is a result of impurities in the crystal--it doesn't affect the rate at which a crystal grows.

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