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What is the current population of the point arena mountain beaver?
I am doing a report on them and the most recent I can find is from 1997
Question Date: 2006-05-23
Answer 1:

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service currently lists the Point Arena Mountain Beaveras an endangered species. As such, the USFWS has written a recovery plan forthe beaver that can be viewed at the following URL
beaver recovery

The mountain beaver recovery plan (written in 1998 by Dale Steele and LaurieLitman) describes its geographic distribution on page 2, with a range map on page 3, its habitat on pages 5-10, and its population density on page 14. A map on page 8 indicates that there are 26 known populations. The criteria for considering delisting the species from the Endangered Species List are outlines on page iv (in the Executive Summary). These criteria are an example of the metrics that scientists would used to consider the mountain beaver as recovering and threatened, rather than endangered.

The following California Dept. of Fish and Game website was posted in 2006 and states that a population assessment is currently being conducted by Dale Steele(CDFG):

You may be able to contact Dale Steele directly at the following number to ask about current population estimates: California Department of Fish and Game,916-653-3444.

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