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What do roly pollies eat? How many legs do they have?
Question Date: 2006-05-31
Answer 1:

In spite of the fact that some gardeners mention that they have had roly pollies eating strawberries and tomatoes, scientists know that roly pollies or pill bugs eat decaying wood, leaves, and other vegetation. Because pill bugs breathe through gill-like structures, they must live in moist places. They prefer dimly lighted or dark habitats and live underneath rocks, logs, boards, leaves, etc.

Pill bugs have seven pairs of identical legs; this means that they have 14 legs. They are 5 to 15 mm long and have three body regions; head, thorax, and abdomen. Most of the pill bugs exoskeleton consists of shield-like plates. The body is flattened laterally. There is one pair of antenna and one pair of compound eyes.

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roly pollies

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