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I need a device that will give me alternating current at ~24V, 1-5 Amps, and hertz in the thousands. What is this device called and where can I buy it, or how can I build it? Is there a version that the user can modulate the hertz? How/where can I build/buy it?
Question Date: 2006-10-12
Answer 1:

The device that gives you alternating current is called an alternating current signal generator. It gives you alternating current where you con control the amplitude of the signal (Voltage) and the Frequency (Hertz). Some are very simple and have a fixed output current, but you can find one that can deliver different amounts of current to the output. You can also build your generator using electronics devices dedicated for this purpose.

I am sending you two web sites that I would like you to explore, especially the second one, where you will find the basics for this topic. Anyway, if you need more help, please get back to us, and we will try to help you more.



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