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How many poeple died in a fire and how many lived?
Question Date: 2007-01-12
Answer 1:

You ask an interesting question. The survival rate will depend on how bad the burns are. If people are only mildly sunburned they will have a100% survival rate. If people are very badly burned all over thei rbody, they will have a 0% survival rate.

"(HealthDayNews) -- Forty years ago, if you suffered burns over half your body, there was a good chance you would have died -- the survival rate was about 40 percent."

Answer 2:

The U.S. Government runs an excellent resource site for tose interested in fires and fire prevention at fires

By looking into their Reference Materials -> Statistics and Databases material for a little while, some amazing and frightening facts can be learned.Every year, firefighters respond to approximately two million fires. These fires result in thousands of deaths a year (3,728 in the year 2004), tens of thousands of injuries, and an unimaginable amount of property damage (over $3 billion last year). Fire is dangerous, and too often we take it for granted in our homes.

These statistics show that it's definitely worth familiarizing yourself with basic fire safety in the home: fire_prevention

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