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Once the white top layer on a toilet seat chips away, is the underlying surface toxic or harmful in any way?
Question Date: 2007-01-27
Answer 1:

No they are NOT toxic. Lets put it this way... these ceramic materials are about as toxic as a granite rock!!! You can drink water from a container made of rock! Everyone wants to have a kitchen counter made of granite because it is so INERT!!!

Ceramic is made of the same materials although by humans. So I would not worry about the toxicity of rocks/ceramics. I would worry a million or billion times more getting in a car and driving at 70 mph down route 101. This is FAR more dangerous...

Answer 2:

Most toilet seats are made of porcelain ware, oak wood or resins, and are not harmful.

Answer 3:

No, it is not toxic. Most porcelain ware including toilets are made from natural clays such as Kaolin, and the elements they contain are the elements contained in earth and dirt and are not toxic.

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