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I am a student in Mr. Bausback's Honors Chemistry class and I am looking for an idea for a science project. My partner and I are interested in finding a mentor and some ideas for a good project. We are interested in computer science and physical science, please send us some ideas, thanks.
Question Date: 2002-09-20
Answer 1:

Well, I'm afraid it's difficult to offer any good ideas based on the information you provide.

How long do you have to do this project? Can you narrow down your area of interest at all?

Presumably, since it is a chemistry class,you would want to do something that has to do with chemistry.

One idea I had is that you could look on web sites of departments at UCSB (www.chem.ucsb.edu or www.physics.ucsb.edu) and see what people are working on. Maybe you could find something you are interested in and ask one of the professors or graduate students for guidance. If you are interested in astrophysics you could look at www.deepspace.ucsb.edu. We have a telescope that students can use to do observations. Maybe you could pick a topic that has to do with astrochemistry. You would probably need to do stuff with computers to analyze any data you use.

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