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I know how long it takes for light to reach us but how long does it take for heat to reach earth from the sun?
Question Date: 2007-08-15
Answer 1:

Since the space between the Earth and the Sun is an essential vacuum, essentially 100% of the heat from the Sun that the Earth receives is due to the light. Any portion that is not due to electromagnetic radiation is immeasurably low. So we basically receive the Sun's energy at the speed of light.

Answer 2:

Basically Its just the PHOTONS or light that travels thru space... the heat is a sensation having to do with ABSORPTION of the photons... so the heat does not travel per se... The photons are absorbed when they strike something (your hand) and this causes electrons to jump up and down and that makes you feel hot.

Answer 3:

Heat is simply infrared "light," and it travels at the same speed as visible light. It just happens to be at a wavelength or color that our eyes can't see.

There are also highly energetic particles from the sun which heat Earth's upper atmosphere, and those take hours to weeks to arrive. They are particularly common during solar flares. But these aren't exactly heat as such.

Answer 4:

All frequencies of light, including light outside of the visible spectrum, travel at the same speed.

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