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I am participating in the Senior Project at my school and my topic is about the incandescent vs. fluorescent light and how it affects theatre in the future. I hope my mentor can help me with things like problem solving, job shadowing, interviewing techniques, and troubleshooting.
Question Date: 2007-10-10
Answer 1:

Fluorescent lighting is not used for theater lights, because fluorescent lights cannot produce a natural spectrum, that is, like the Sun, with the complete "rainbow" of the colors of visible light. The lights used in theater are incandescent lights that are very hot, and produce a color-temperature that is around 6000 Kelvins, close to that of the Sun.Then the lighting technicians put various colored gels over the lights to create different lighting effects. Mostly, they blend red, blue, and green to make a soft white.

So, I have a question for you: Are you interested in the physics of light,or lighting design for theater? If you are interested in the physics of light, the folks at Scienceline can help you by answering questions long distance, over the internet, but if you are interested in lighting design for theater, maybe you should try the theater department at UCLA, which is closer to you. We are up in Santa Barbara, about two hours from Hollywood.You have asked for help with job shadowing, interviewing, and other things that would require you to be on campus, but that would be difficult sincewe are pretty far from you.

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