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How many years are required to have a zoology major at UCSB? I have looked everywhere on your website and I still can not find how many years of schooling it is to obtain a zoology major including the required pre-biological sciences major. Thank you for your time!
Question Date: 2007-11-04
Answer 1:

Most undergraduate degrees take around 4 years. I am not very familiar with the undergraduate degree programs at UC Santa Barbara unfortunately. When looking at degree programs keep in mind that it is almost certain that you will have general education-type courses to fulfill as well (i.e. English, history,social studies kind of courses.) So you'll need to do those classes in addition to all your zoology coursework. But in general I do believe you should be able to finish within 4 years. You might want to email an undergraduate advisor and they can tell you how long the average zoology student takes to graduate.

Here is an email for the department:

Good luck!

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