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How does the sun move around the planet?
Question Date: 2008-03-20
Answer 1:

Does the sun move around the planet, or does the planet move around the sun?

That's a hard question. Gravity and speed keep the sun and the planets moving around each other.

I like to think about rockets and satellites. When we send up a rocket, one of 3 things can happen:

1. It can just come back to earth or:
2. It can shoot out into space til it hits something, or:
3. If it goes just right, it can go into an orbit around the earth:

Going just right - at the right speed and the right direction - keeps the moon and the planets in their orbits. Do you know what an orbit is?

Here's a website that talks about your question and Superman: curiosity You can find answers to your science questions at wikipedia.com

You can also learn about science from the National Science Foundation if go to the website:NSF.gov

That's where I used to work.Best wishes,

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