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Hi! I need some clarification on some information you sent me before:
M = -.000166 * H
and by defenition,
B = mu_0 * (H+M)
= mu_0 * (H - .000166 * H)
= mu_0 * 0.999834 * H
- What do all of the variables stand for?
- What purpose does the calculation serve, what do I calculate using the above?
- Is it the size of the bismuth sample... how do you calculate that?
Question Date: 2008-08-06
Answer 1:

M is magnetization
H is magnetic field from your original magnet
B is total magnetic field
mu-naught is the permeability of space, = 4*pi*10-7.

It calculates the net magnetic field. You should be able to get the force from that, but I can't find an equation that gives force from the interaction of two magnetic fields.

You measure the size of the bismuth sample with a ruler.

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