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Do we inherit our fingerprint traits? And when you get a cut or injure finger and it breaks the skin does your fingerprint "grow" back ? Or does it change?
Question Date: 2008-10-07
Answer 1:

The general pattern can be inherited, but not the detailed placement of specific features like arches, loops, or whorls. I do know that you can change your fingerprint if you cut deep into the skin, down to the bottom of the epidermis, where new cells grow. The fingerprint will either fill in with scar tissue in case of a simple cut, or it will stretch to fill in a chunk of missing skin. (This happened to me after I cut a tiny piece off the end of my finger and got distracted while cutting meat in the kitchen. Be careful with knives!) Either way, your new fingerprint will still be unique to you, and the skin damage will be even more identifiable.

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