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How many years of schooling does it take to be a staff veterinarian?
Question Date: 2009-01-02
Answer 1:

First, you'll need a BS degree. You can probably choose any field of science, but some branch of biology would be best. Getting your BS degree at a UC, even if you start your first couple of years at a community college (smaller classes and you'll save a LOT of money!), will probably take 4-5 years. You'll want to get an internship at a vet office during college. After that, you'll go to vet school. UC Davis has a great vet school


Their website can probably tell you how many years it typically takes to become a doctor of veterinary medicine.

Answer 2:

To become a veterinarian it normally takes about four years of undergraduate (bachelor's degree) work and then two years of veterinary school.Additionally most veterinary schools require a minimum of about 1500 hours of practical experience in veterinary medicine prior to applying. They want to make sure that applicants understand what veterinary medicine is all about.

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