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What would happen if you threw a human out into space without a space suit?
Question Date: 2009-01-23
Answer 1:

A couple of things would happen if a person were to be sent into out space without a space suit. First, although you probably do not realize it there is a tremendous amount of air pressure being put on your body on earth. Do you ever notice your ears popping on an airplane, or when you go to the top of a large hill? This popping of your ears is a result of the ears trying to equalize to the new lower pressure at the higher elevation. Because this air pressure is on people at all times the body's cells are designed to exert an outward force against the air in order to maintain their shape, now if a person is sent into space where there is no air, the outward force exerted by the cells to maintain their shape will not be balanced by air pressure and the persons cells will explode (imagine popping a balloon) and the person will die. At the same time in outer space there is no atmosphere to protect people from the suns radiation, or to help insulate their bodies and keep them warm. Thus, without a space suit a person would either freeze very quickly, or fry up in the sun, depending if it was night or day on their side of the earth. The take home message is: If you are going to outer space, wear your space suit!

Answer 2:

What would happen if you put something in a vacuum chamber?That's what would happen if you put a person into space without a space suit. All the water would evaporate, maybe so fast that the thing would explode.

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