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How does Nair work? What type of chemicals are used to remove the hair?(Nair is this type of cream lotion stuff you put on your legs and leave on for a few minutes then wash away with a wet towel...and ta da! No more hair! PS. It is pain free...unless you leave it on too long and you burn yourself. Thanks!
Question Date: 2009-05-08
Answer 1:

I've read a few on-line articles and this one


doesa really good job describing the chemicals and their function in Nair.Potassium thioglycolate dissolves keratin - a protein in hair,


Calcium hydroxide (also known ascalcium hydroxidem) and (although the article doesn't say itexplicitly) sodium hydroxide are bases which more strongly attack the hair proteins, but these bases also damage the surrounding skin. The other chemicals serve to sooth the surrounding skin or serve as fragrances.

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