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Hi! Do you guys know where I could get a fairly long or comprehensive list of liquids and their densities? Or if you guys have a list? I've been having some trouble finding a good list on the internet. Thanks for your help!
Question Date: 2009-08-28
Answer 1:

Yes - the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, which is in the library (and may be in the school bookstore). I'd recommend getting it - there are all kinds of cool stuff in there, from every property of almost every compound you can think of to the masses and orbital parameters of every major body in the solar system.

Answer 2:

You should be able to find any density you'd like fromPerry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook. You can find a copy of this book at any library. Look at the "specific gravity" tables. The specific gravity of a substance equals the density of that substance divided by the density of water. So just take the specific gravity and multiply it by the density of water to get the density of the liquid in question.If you still want to look on-line, search for "specific gravity" or "specific gravity tables" and hopefully you can find what you're looking for.

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