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Which gender is better at math ?
Question Date: 2009-10-11
Answer 1:

I have been looking for information that can give us an answer for your interesting question. There are many different opinions from people; however I prefer to look at the results of scientists who are seriously doing research in finding out how the boys and girls make it in the Math exams. Some of these scientists went through data -including SAT results and math scores from 7 million students who were tested in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act and they found that of the most gifted children or students' ability to solve complex math problems, girls measured up to boys.

"There just aren't gender differences anymore in math performance," says University of Wisconsin-Madison psychology professor Janet Hyde, the study's leader. "So parents and teachers need to revise their thoughts about this."
The UW-Madison and University of California, Berkeley, researchers report their findings in the July 25 issue of Science.

You can read more about this on:

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