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How do mood rings work?
Question Date: 2009-11-28
Answer 1:

Mood rings work by changing color as a function of the body's temperature. It is thought that temperature is an indication of an individual's emotional state.

Answer 2:

The stone in a mood ring is a hollow quartz or glass shell that contains thermotropic liquid crystals (the same thing that's in a LCD display, like a laptop screen) which will react to changes in the person's body temperature.Thermotropic liquid crystals react to changes in temperature or pressure by twisting, which affects their molecular structure. This in turn affects the amount, or wavelength, of light that they absorb or reflect. Different colors have different wavelengths, so being able to absorb or reflect certain wavelengths will affect the crystals' colors, which in turn, powers' the mood ring. You can go to
and read a bit more about this topic.

Claudia, Engineering.

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