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What colors attract moths flash rate of fireflies?
Question Date: 2010-03-04
Answer 1:

Thanks for your questions! Moths are attracted to light, as in the saying " like a moth to a flame..." An experiment done in 1997 showed that the nocturnal (night-loving) moth Coloradia pandora was not attracted to any particular color. I would guess that this would apply to all moths in general. Moths are attracted to ultraviolet radiation, which is given off by fluorescent lights. They are also attracted to fire, which lets off longer wavelengths of light.

For your second question, fireflies have different flash rates depending on the species and the temperature of the air. In cooler air, the fireflies do not flash as quickly. I found a "flash chart" put out by the Museum of Science in Boston.


This link shows where the fireflies listed on the chart live:


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