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I'm a substitute teacher from Canada. I am presently teaching my class about different biomes. The great barrier reef was a common interest amongst the students. I must admit I know nothing about this subject. I have done some research concerning these topics below, and unfortunately I have encountered some difficulties. I was hoping you could help me provide the proper information for my class and I. I'd greatly appreciate it. I would need this information by Tuesday the 25th, 2010 at the latest. Thank you so much.

I need to know the following:
Major Flora- (just a few examples)
Major Fauna- (just a few examples)
Water- Resources
Water- Fresh Water Supply
Water- Percipitation
Food web- Consumers
Food web- Decomposers
Food web- Predation
Food web- Mutualism
Food web- Commensalism
Human- Encroachment
Human- Land Development
Human- Exploitation
I can't thank you enough.
Question Date: 2010-05-22
Answer 1:

This is one of those instances where Wikipedia is really the best place to start. There is a fantastic Wiki site that covers all of your questions:


The Great Barrier Reef was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981 As such, its geology, ecology and other aspects are presented in detail on the UNESCO site as well:


There are many articles about the Great Barrier Reef offered over the years through the magazine Scientific American. You can search through the list of articles on their website by searching for "Great Barrier Reef":


I find these Sci Am articles to be a good teaching resource.

You don't say what age kids, but if they are elementary school age, I highly recommend the National Geographic site for kids - they have an interactive "online adventure" for the Great Barrier Reef, as well as links to websites and articles for the kids.


Good luck!

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