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Hello, I was woundering if you could give me some information on the compound CH3 for a science project. Thank you
Question Date: 2011-02-25
Answer 1:

There are several unstable molecules that have that chemical formula ( .CH3 radical, which has a neutral charge one unpaired electron; + CH3 methylium cation, which is missing that one unpaired electron; and -CH3 methanide anion, which has an extra electron). CH3 when bonded to many other atom or as part of a molecule is very common and called a methyl group. All of these four types of CH3 have very different properties and chemistry. If you let me know which one you are interested in or more about your project I can help you more.

Answer 2:

CH3 is not a molecule, so I am not sure what are you asking about. It would help me if you put the question in context - where does the interest in "CH3" come from, what kinds of properties are you curious about?CH3 is not a molecule, but it could be a short-lived intermediate/reactive species, as CH3(+), CH3(-), or CH3(the radical).

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