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Can humans bring dinosaurs back to life like Frankenstein?
Question Date: 2011-03-12
Answer 1:

In the book "Frankenstein," to create his monster, Dr. Frankenstein used different body parts from people who had recently died and been buried and combined these body parts. But this is science-fiction and scientists have never done anything like making an entire living human our of body parts. Also, there aren't any fresh dinosaur bodies that researchers can use or study since most dinosaurs died 65 million years ago. All we have from the dinosaurs are old fossils. To bring dinosaurs back to life, scientists would need some of the dinosaurs' genetic material, called DNA. Researchers have cloned (made living copies of) multiple animals using their DNA. You may have seen the movie Jurassic Park where researchers brought dinosaurs back to life. In the movie, the researchers did this by taking DNA from a mosquito that had been perfectly preserved for millions of years in amber. (The DNA in the mosquito was dinosaur DNA the misquote had bitten a dinosaur and had some of its blood in its stomach.) However, scientists have not found dinosaur DNA to use for cloning. But researchers have used cloning to try and clone animals that went extinct in just the last the last 100 years and there has been some minor success, but it is still a developing field of research. For more on cloning, check out these websites:



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