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Why do blue whales go to Hawaii and not somewhere else?
Question Date: 2011-03-24
Answer 1:

Actually blue whales go lots of other places. They spend their summers in the cold polar waters where the food (plankton and krill) is plentiful. But in the winter they go to warmer tropical waters to breed and give birth. Blue whales can be commonly seen in the Santa Barbara Channel in the winter months.

Answer 2:

Blue whales are actually live in a lot of places -- they can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific ocean (North and South), the Antarctic, and the Indian ocean.Different species of blue whales live in the different oceans. About 100 years ago, blue whales were found in even more places in the ocean, but whaling almost drove them to extinction. For more on blue whales, check out this Wikipedia article:


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