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How long do whales live?
Question Date: 2011-03-24
Answer 1:

Different whales have different lifespans. Some of the oldest whales, the humpback whales, live to about 40 to 100 years, while some of the shorter-lived whales, the minke whales, only live about 30 to 50 years (sometimes up to 60). But it is hard to know for certain because these animals live in the wild and we cannot study them in laboratories easily.

Answer 2:

Whales live a long time, up to 50 or 100 years for some species.They may even live a lot longer than that, but its hard to be sure. Can you imagine why we dont know for sure how long they live?

Answer 3:

Different species have different life expectancies. The longest lived whale was a bowhead whale that was reported to be 130 years old when it died. In general the smaller whales live about 20-40 years with the bigger whales living 40-90 years.

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