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Can goldfish live in a bowl that has food coloring in the water? Thank you.
Question Date: 2011-06-27
Answer 1:

A goldfish could probably live in water with food coloring, but it may not be very happy. Fish are very sensitive to small changes in their water, and this might specifically hurt their skin and eyes. But food coloring is also added to human food, so this should mean that it is not toxic. Overall, in small amounts, the food coloring would probably not hurt the fish, but large amounts of coloring probably are not a good idea. Also, goldfish do not live well in a bowl because they are very dirty fish -- goldfish should live in an aquarium that has a filter. The only fish you can buy at a pet store that like living in a bowl (without a filter) are betta fish, because they naturally live in puddles.

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Answer 2:

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