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What is music therapy?

What type/tempo affects moods in what way?

Question Date: 2011-12-14
Answer 1:

Music therapy is a form of healing where music is used to enhance a persons overall health. It has been shown that music can have therapeutic affects on peoples physical and emotional health. Music therapy involves listening, dancing, singing and creating music and has been shown to help people better express their feelings. People respond to music in different ways, for instance the kind of music that you listen to is the same as the music your grandparents listen to. This is why all types of music can be used as therapy; it just depends on the person and what they like to listen to.

Here is a link to the Music Therapy Association website, which has a tone of information:music therapy

Answer 2:

Some people believe that music has the capability of healing people, animals, or even plants of some ailments. From what I understand, most of the scientific community thinks this to be superstition, but I'm also unaware of anybody seriously attempting to test the idea. Music does have psychological impacts on people.

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