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Do any other lobes, beside temporal lobes, affect the storing of memories?
Question Date: 2012-01-03
Answer 1:

There are several parts on the brain that play important roles in memory. Memory is also a complex function of our brain. The next link takes you to an interesting article about memory and our brain. In this article you will find that there are many brain regions involved in memory. Please read it in order to get all the information you need to answer to your questions.

the brain

From this article, I found that the pre-frontal lobe is very active for our ability to hold on to a piece of information temporarily, in order to complete a task is specifically human.

The hippocampus, the cortical structures surrounding it, is also very important in declarative memory the memory of facts and events.

Scientists have also found that certain sub-regions of the prefrontal cortex are activated only if the memorization exercise is somewhat difficult for the subject.

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