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Have you ever had experience with using grey water on plants?
Question Date: 2012-01-06
Answer 1:

I am an anthropologist (someone that studies people, their culture, and their activities) that focuses on issues relating to agriculture and food systems, and I may be able to answer most of the interesting questions you sent to Scienceline regarding grey water.

Although I, personally, have never used grey water to grow plants, there are many people around the world that regularly do and for growing a wide variety of plants, too. For example: UCSB actually uses reclamation water (another term for grey water) in gardens and on lawns around campus; the Department of Transportation uses grey water for the plants that line the sides of California's highways; agricultural companies in the US that grow ornamental plants (like trees) also have been known to use grey water. People on the other side of the world, like in India for example, also sometimes use grey water for irrigating agricultural fields.

Answer 2:

Grey water is widely used in irrigation.If the greywater is from a drain or laundry it is important that things like bleach and salts are not in the greywater! Some detergents and soaps can be damaging to growing plants.

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