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Hi! I'm doing the science fair at my school and I need to do an interview with someone who is an expert at the field I'm testing. I'm going to ask a few questions and I was wondering if someone in the field of plant growth and studies could answer them. When they do answer them can they please put their name and major (if it's some sort of plant studies) And if you could send me the answers before tuesday that would be amazing!!!! Science fair is due Wednesday! Thanks!!! 1. What is tropism? Thanks!
Question Date: 2012-01-12
Answer 1:

Tropisms are ways that plants move or grow toward or away from certain things. We call these things cues or stimuli.

Answer 2:

Plants tend to grow toward a particular direction or object.

Answer 3:

Tropism is the turning reaction of a plant or animal in response to a stimuli. The stimulus could be a variety of things such as gravity, sunlight, contact with another object, etc.

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