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I am also doing a science project in school. After talking with my teacher, I decided on working with paintball barrels. My project question is 'Does the porting (number of holes) in a paintball barrel effect its performance?' Our teacher wants us to have a mentor, and I was wondering if you had any scientists or students interested. Suggestions are appreciated.
Question Date: 2003-02-22
Answer 1:

Porting involves creating holes of various sizes and patterns in a gun barrel. The basic idea is that when you fire a paintball out of the chamber it must travel down the barrel. As it does this, it must push all the air in front of it out of the way until it exits. With the addition of holes into the barrel, the air can more easily escape the barrel. This may have some slight effect on recoil reduction, but may also make more noise as the air exits all the holes very fast. I would say it wouldn't make much of a difference in paintball guns as they aren't very accurate to begin with.

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