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What are distance, time, spring balance and machine?
Question Date: 2012-03-07
Answer 1:

Distance is just the space (physical space) that separates any two points.

Time is a bit more complicated, and many people still argue about what time is and why it only goes forward. However, both distance and time are measures of a difference between two states (an initial state, where it begins, and a final state, where it ends).

For example, you can consider two points in space (different places), and look at the distance between them (it is 2 miles between my home and work), or you can consider two points in time (different events), and look at the time that separates them (it has been 6 hours since I left home).

Their similarity isn't totally by chance, and you may have heard of the theory of relativity, which showed that space and time are related in strange and unexpected ways!

Answer 2:

Distance is how far something is.Time is how some things come before or after others.

A machine is something that works and does something, like a car or a computer.

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