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A video said that before the Big Bang, the universe was the size of an atom. Another video said that before the Big Bang, there was no space. If so, where is this atom-sized universe? It is got to be so where?
Question Date: 2011-07-27
Answer 1:

Saying that there was no space is closer to reality, but the truth is that the universe expanded out of a point with zero space at the beginning of time; there is no void that the universe is expanding into because it is space itself that is expanding, carrying all of the matter and energy within the universe with it.

A good way to think of it is blowing up a balloon with cotton balls glued to the surface. The cotton balls are all of the matter, energy, etc., while the rubber of the balloon is space-time. As the balloon expands, the balls of cotton get farther and farther apart, because the rubber is stretching.

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