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Why did you choose to teach at UCSB?
Question Date: 1998-03-04
Answer 1:

UCSB is a great place to be a research scientist as well as a teacher. I like teaching students who are interested in science and being challenged with hard questions.

Answer 2:

I am a staff member for the UCSB Marine Biology Dept.I chose UCSB as a work place because of the unique geographic location. UCSB is in an unique location because it is near the boundaries of many different marine and terrestrial habitats. We are near the North/South boundary of water masses (Cold & Warm) at PT. Conception, the Hueneme Canyon is close by as are the Channel Islands and the estuaries of Goleta and Carpinteria. Also we have sandy and rocky beaches. The more numerous the boundaries, the more dynamic the ecosystem and therefore a more interesting place for me to live and work. Would you rather spend the day in the middle of a meadow or at the intersection of the meadow and forest where a river runs through it (A place of multiple boundaries)?

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