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If we melted Mars' ice cap, do you think the water would be useable? Could we create an atmosphere?
Question Date: 1998-03-09
Answer 1:

Certainly the water would be useable. Mars actually has an atmosphere, but it isn't very thick. Here is a question for you: what kinds of atoms make up the Earth's atmosphere, and where might those atoms be found on Mars?

Answer 2:

If we were able to extract it, I am sure we would be able to collect and melt it. Then of course we would be able to use it.The hard part would be extracting the ice.

Answer 3:

The water on Mars is just like the water on Earth. What do you think we might have to do to get it in a form that would be useful. We might be able to create an atmosphere on Mars but it would be quite a task.

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