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My friends and I are building a model of the R.M.S. Titanic. We were wondering if you had any ideas on building a model of ships or if you know of any web sites. If you knew anything about model making do you know what wed need to build a model of a ship? Would it be a good idea to make it out of modeling clay?
Question Date: 1998-09-23
Answer 1:

Here is a web site for you to vist. http://www.seaways.com/

There should be plenty of information there for you.

Here is an other site that sells a plastic model of the RMS Titanic for $60.


If that is too much $$ I suggest you email Model Expo (the home page from the site above) and ask to just purchase the plans. Then scale up or down the plans with the zerox machine to the size you want then cut the pieces out of poster board and cover it with paper mache.

Here is an other option for you. Model expo also has a die-cast metal Titanic replica that is 9" by 2-1/2" for about $17. You could buy it then use it to scale up with. If you tripled all dimensions you would end up with a 27' by 7-1/2" model. You can reack model expo at http://www.modelexpoinc.com

BR>Here are two more sites that may of some help. The first one may help you answer your architecture questions.



Answer 2:

I am not an expert on model building, but I did find a web page devoted to scale models of the Titanic:
An excellent place to start a search on the web is from "yahoo.com".
Since your question is about models, I went to their recreation section, and then to the hobbies section, and then to the models section, and there were alot of potentially good sites in there.

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