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How much longer will the world exist according to scientists?
Question Date: 1998-10-15
Answer 1:

I am not a Physical Scientist (who would be best type of scientist to answer your question) but I have been studying the Marine Sciences for over 30 years! During the course of my studies I have received a little bit of Physical Science background which I can apply to your question. I am glad that you are not "bothered" by the report that the world is at an end. I assume that one could always make the statement that all things will come to an end at some point in time. I can assure you that the world is not at an end at least not for millions of years to come! I am sure that you care about the future of the world and would like to do all you could to preserve it's status but you are correct not to let the eventual possibility of the demise of the world bother you. I am sure that you agree that by the time that happens humans will have moved on past this present world.

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