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Can ALL substances be a solid, liquid and gas if you are allowed to change the temperature and pressure?
Question Date: 2000-03-10
Answer 1:

It does seem like all substances should turn into solids with enough cooling and pressure, and vice versa. I've heard of liquid helium but not solid helium. You have to cool almost all the way to absolute zero to make liquid helium, and it's still liquid at absolute zero. ... I just searched the Current Contents database online for articles with 'solid helium' in the title and I found this one, so maybe it exists:
Cahn, RW. Materials science - Superdiffusion in solid helium.
NATURE, AUG 5, 1999, V400(N6744):512-513.

Answer 2:

I believe that all substances can be solid, liquid, or gas.I had thought that helium was an exception, but if you go to high enough pressure you can get solid helium.

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