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Up to how many eggs can a steelhead trout have? . I want to know because we will be studying the steelhead trout and I want to know ahead of time. (we just got 30 eggs in our aquarium).
Question Date: 2000-04-11
Answer 1:

This species spawns from March to August in smaller streams. The female digs and spawns in several nests depositing 800-1000 eggs in each redd.
These eggs usually hatch 4-7 weeks later. The life expectancy can be as low as 3-4 years but generally the steelhead lives 6-8 years. They first feed on plankton then insects and as they grow older, crustaceans and other fish.

Answer 2:

Hi Joey:

I dont know exactly, but steelheads lay many thousands of eggs.The bigger the female fish, the more eggs she lays. Good luck hatching your eggs.

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